Built: 2004-04-01 00:00:00
I built this with some extra parts from CubeBot. He is powered by 4 AA batteries and an 9V battery for the CubeBot controller board. I put an SRF-04 Sonar on him so he could avoid things as he moved around. But that\'s all he really did.


Chassis: Lexan from Lynxmotion Inc.
1-1/2\" nylon standoffs from Lynxmotion Inc.
Power: 4 AA and 1 9V. 5VDC provided by regulator on CubeBot Controller.
Movement: 4 Hacked Servos purchased from Servo City $48.
Sensors: (1) SRF-04 Sonar from Acroname $25
CPU/OS: CubeBot Controller/ PIC 16F627 / PBasic / Pic Basic Pro Compiler.
Other Info: Nice to just run around and avoid things, but not much intelligence. (See CubeBot for that one.)
Software Info:

Other Robot Info

Some More Photos of Fours.

Inside of Fours.
From the front.
From the side.