Book Review - Robot Building For Beginners

by Scott Preston - 2010-03-05 00:00:00

First I want to say it was an honor reviewing this book. I had read it before but skimmed it for the interesting parts, but not reading the entire book. After reviewing it I have found out just how much great information is in this book, even for advanced roboticist.

The Table of Contents is summarized below. A more detailed explaination can be found out from Dave Cooks robotics website.

  1. Welcome Robot Inventor!
  2. Where to Obtain Tools and Parts
  3. Safety
  4. Digital Multimeter
  5. Numbers and Units
  6. Robot Line-Following
  7. Nine-Volt Batteries
  8. Clips and Test Leads
  9. Resistors
  10. LEDs
  11. Power On!
  12. Solderless Prototyping
  13. Solderless Breadboard Setup
  14. Variable Resistors
  15. Comparators
  16. Transistor Switches
  17. DC Motors
  18. Adding Gearhead Motors
  19. Wheels
  20. Coupler
  21. Soldering Equipment
  22. Soldering and Connecting
  23. The Motherboard
  24. Body Building
  25. Launching the Line-Follower
  26. Encore
  27. Appendix

Enjoy the book and have fun building robots!